Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Gem: Dive into the Enchanting Pool of Lousã Mountains, Just Like a Movie Scene

When you reach this point, the Ceira river has already traveled from the Açor mountain range, next to the village of Piódão, and the course of the waters continues to the Mondego , always helping to design impressive landscapes. But it is here, running between the quartzite slopes , that it reaches its zenith, creating one of the most beautiful places to dive in the center of the country.

The image of the landform that gives rise to the Gorge of Cabril do Ceira is reminiscent of one of the films from the epic The Lord of the Rings . Guardians of the landscape, imposing gray rocks let a stream of clear water run through a narrow passage . All around, the verdant landscape of the Serra da Lousã gives the cinematographic setting an even more immersive environment that softens in a natural pool that is more than inviting to go for a swim, swimming between the fresh water and the impressive gorges.

The charms of the place are not exclusive to the water. Beside the gorge there is one more secret to discover – and cross. It is a small cave, known as Túnel do Cabril , about 20 meters long and about three and a half meters high, open to a railway connection between Lousã and Arganil, which did not materialize.

Crossing it is a complementary adventure that culminates with a wooden staircase, to be climbed with caution. Going up, you find a small hole from which you can see the outside. To get here, take Estrada Nacional 242-3 towards Serpins. When you cross with Estrada Municipal 1226, turn right where it says Cabril, along a dirt road that goes on for close to 2 km. Parking is scarce, so go early.

Cabril do Ceira

Entre Fragas They are small, only 600 meters long and have 450 steps, but they provide a panoramic view of the entire parish, and surround the quartzite cliffs where the Chapel of Senhora da Candosa
stands, which form part of the crest that crosses the region and rises to stretches between Penedos de Góis and Serra do Buçaco . The idea of ​​building these walkways called Walkways of Cerro da Candosa, came from the Parish Council of Vila Nova do Ceira, in the municipality of Góis and emerged after the great fires of October 2017. It was the way found to revitalize this area of ​​central Portugal. The walkways cross the rocky gorge that ends in a river canyon, giving rise to this natural pool also called Portas do Ceira .

Cabril do Ceira

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