Update on NPC Adhoc Staff Training: Read Today’s NPC Training News, June 24, 2023

For the upcoming 2023 Population and Housing Census, we bring you the most recent information in this NPC News update. Dr. Isiaka Yahaya, director of the department responsible for public affairs, spoke to the media and provided details about the budgeting and training procedures. Below, you can find the pertinent information.

The Public Affairs Department’s Director, Dr. Isiaka Yahaya, provided clarification on the issues raised by the debate over spending for the 2023 Census preparations. He emphasized the value of training in his speech as a way to guarantee the collection of high-quality data. The course is thorough, lasting at least two weeks, and it includes simulations, hands-on training, and intensive classroom instruction.

About 62,000 facilitators have received training nationwide thanks to the National Population Commission’s investment. Following that, these facilitators will receive training on.

The Public Affairs Department’s Director, Dr. Isiaka Yahaya, addressed the questions raised by the controversy surrounding the cost of the activities needed to prepare for the 2023 Census. He emphasized in his speech the value of training in ensuring high-quality data collection. Comprehensive classroom instruction, hands-on activities, and simulations are all part of the training, which lasts for a minimum of two weeks.

The National Population Commission has invested in training approximately 62,000 facilitators nationwide. These facilitators will subsequently train around 850,000 supervisors and enumerators for the Census. The training expenses encompass various components such as daily training allowances of no less than N12,000 per facilitator for two weeks, transportation allowances, venue rentals, refreshments, procurement of materials, and logistical arrangements for field operations.

To facilitate the training of supervisors and enumerators, the Commission has printed over one million copies of training manuals tailored for different categories of field staff. These manuals range from 150 to 300 pages. Furthermore, the Commission has procured a multitude of materials required for the fieldwork, including reflective jackets, raincoats, rain boots, biros, chalks, indelible inks, first aid boxes, memo pads, call back cards, and pelican boxes. These materials have been distributed to all state and local government area (LGA) offices of the Commission across Nigeria.

Dr. Isiaka Yahaya expressed deep appreciation to the Nigerian media for their consistent dissemination of information and their professional approach in educating the public about the upcoming census. The positive and informative reporting on the census preparatory activities has significantly contributed to raising awareness and engaging Nigerians in discussions about the 2023 Census, effectively mobilizing them for its successful execution.

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