Volvo drivers make the best lover and last longest in bed – where does your car rank?

According to a survey, VOLVO drivers are the best lovers – they are on average 17 minutes at a time.

But BMW owners are the biggest disappointment, coming to a halt after just 180 seconds.

In the meantime, the BMW men were in last place with three minutes
The investigation found Volvo drivers, including women Man Leonardo DiCaprio has the highest sexual stamina, followed by Toyota guys (14 minutes).

The BMW men finished last with three minutes, stuttering behind the Skoda men (five).

That came as no surprise to Craig Harrison, 41, an IT consultant from West Sussex.

He said: “My first car was a Volvo S60.

“Girls weren’t impressed – but they were pretty impressed with me!”

Surveyor Donald Potter, 30, from St Albans, Herts, said his BMW 3 Series was a “status symbol” and not a “sex symbol”.

He said: “I love my 3 Series — but I see it more as a status symbol rather than a sex symbol or an advertisement for my masculinity and masculinity.”

Dating website Illicit Encounters, which surveyed 2,000 women, said: “Men who drive BMWs seem to have a need for speed even in the bedroom, while those behind the wheel of a Volvo exhibit a more leisurely and persistent approach.”

“It’s important to remember that great sex is about so much more than just the wheels you roll on.”