We have identified 2,300 ghost workers, saved N220m – Abia Govt

The Abia State Government says it has saved 220million naira on monthly wage bills in the state, following the ongoing verification exercise in the state’s civil service.

The disclosure was made by the Accountant General of the state, Deaconess Njum Onyemenam, in Umuahia on Monday after a meeting she held with Governor Alex Otti.

The Accountant General, who said the huge savings were made using a unified payment system, added that the verification exercise was still ongoing where the state hoped to record more savings.

“So far, we have been able to save N220 million from the ongoing verification of workers in the state, local governments and pensioners.

“Not less than 2,300 ghost names have been weeded out of the payrolls, using the unified payment system and we hope to still identify more as we continue with the exercise,” the Accountant General said.

She confirmed that, following Governor Otti’s directive, the state government last week, paid the arrears of April salaries, left behind by the immediate past administration and also June pensions to retirees.

Onyemenam added that local government staff, who were skipped when the June salaries were paid due to their alleged failure to submit their verified payment schedule, will receive their salaries this week

**Abia State Government Saves N220 Million in Monthly Wage Bills Through Verification Exercise**

In a significant development, the Abia State Government has reported saving a whopping sum of 220 million naira on its monthly wage bills. The commendable achievement was attributed to the ongoing verification exercise conducted in the state’s civil service.

The disclosure was made by Deaconess Njum Onyemenam, the Accountant General of Abia State, during a meeting with Governor Alex Otti in Umuahia on Monday. The Accountant General highlighted the success of the unified payment system in identifying and eliminating fraudulent entries from the payrolls.

“Our efforts in the ongoing verification exercise have yielded impressive results, leading to the identification and removal of not less than 2,300 ghost names from the state’s payroll,” stated Deaconess Onyemenam. The process has enabled the state government to make substantial savings, and she expressed optimism about finding more discrepancies as the exercise continues.

The state government has been committed to implementing the verification exercise as part of its efforts to streamline the payment process and promote fiscal responsibility. The recent success of the initiative has been instrumental in detecting and rectifying irregularities, thus paving the way for more efficient financial management.

Governor Alex Otti has been proactive in ensuring the welfare of the state’s workers and pensioners. As a testament to his dedication, the government promptly cleared the arrears of April salaries and June pensions left pending by the previous administration. This move has brought much-needed relief to retired employees who rely on their pensions for sustenance.

Furthermore, the Accountant General confirmed that local government staff, who faced delays in receiving their June salaries due to incomplete verification information, will receive their rightful payments this week. This step underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring that all eligible workers receive their dues on time.

The state’s verification exercise reflects a responsible approach to financial management, transparency, and accountability. As the process continues, Abia State anticipates even more positive outcomes, leading to greater efficiency and economic stability.

The government’s proactive measures in tackling financial irregularities and ensuring timely payments to its workforce set an encouraging example for other states. By taking concrete steps to eliminate wasteful expenditures and root out fraudulent practices, Abia State is poised to build a stronger and more sustainable economic future for its citizens.