What Ganduje, Masari Discussed In Leaked Audio (Full Transcript)

What Ganduje, Masari Discussed In Leaked Audio (Full Transcript) by ijustdey: 5:47pm
An audio in which Governor Abdullahi Ganduje and Ibrahim Masari, former vice presidential placeholder candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), discussed the meeting between President-elect Bola Tinubu and Rabiu Kwankwaso, presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), is currently trending.

Tinubu and Kwankwaso met for four hours in France, where they discussed a wide range of issues, including the possibility of the NNPP Presidential Candidate joining the incoming cabinet.

The audio of the conversation has generated different reactions across social media.

Ganduje, who expressed how unhappy he was with the development, said Tinubu had considered Kwankwaso as an alternative.

Below is the complete transcript of the conversation:

Ganduje: Hello

Ibrahim Masari: Your Excellency

Ganduje: How is work and everything? How is Abuja

Masari: Glory be to God, I just came into Abuja

Ganduje: Kano is all over with noise.

Masari: Your Excellency, I told you what is going on, but you denied it. What should I say? I told you what’s happening, but you denied it and expressed surprise over it. How would this be happening, and so on?

Ganduje: Even if I heard it, there is nothing I can do about it. Isn’t it?

Masari: But you can speak to him at that time, you can call him and talk to him.

Ganduje: To tell him what? I can’t do anything since Kwankwaso has become an alternative to us. There is no problem.

Masari: It hasn’t reached that stage. That’s impossible

Ganduje: Because we don’t have government?

Masari: Are you coming on Thursday?

Ganduje: It’s because of him that we lose reelection.

Masari: You should be patient. Even your enemies know that he wasn’t fair to you.

Ganduje: The right thing is that even if he will grant Kwankwaso audience, it should be in our presence. We should be invited. Did you understand? Even if it is symbolically.

Masari: Your Excellency, you should be patient. I wish you safe journey

Ganduje: Everything is in the hands of God

Masari: You’re right

Ganduje: All these calculations

Masari: They are very wrong. Everybody will be scared to work with him

Ganduje: This man did not end well with Jonathan. He gave him work but ended up painting the government as corrupt.

Masari: Yes, you’re right

Ganduje: Because he wasn’t allowed to partake in corruption, it’s not a matter that he was clean.

Masari: What brought the issue of he is clean? The truth of the matter is that they weren’t fair to you. You should just be patient but leave it until you arrive.

We’ve started the discussion, he called me and I told him that Mr. President, you’re wrong. He said, “What have I done again?” He started explaining it to me that it was SLS and Chagaury that led them and so on.. I asked him whether he had spoken to you, and he said no. Is he seeing these things. Leave it until you come, you know this conversation on the phone is unsafe.

I wish you a safe journey. You should just keep mute as you did, maintain your maturity by not speaking on the matter

Ganduje: What intelligence told me is that they want his intervention to scuttle the case at the tribunal

Masari: There is that game plan. It’s not his right. You have that right, Excellency.

Ganduje: He’s not showing interest over the matter.

Masari: Excellency, you should let this matter go, I don’t like these conversations on the phone. Allow it when you come tomorrow or next tomorrow, then we sit down and discuss. If the need arise,s we can call him.

Ganduje: When is he coming back?

Masari: Wallahi, I don’t know, we have spoken, not that good, and I even showed him my anger.