Why APC will fail in Cross River Southern Senatorial District?

Taking cognizance of the revered paraphernalia that adorns our respective party leaders and joining the band wagon to accord the legitimate encomia to the party stakeholders and decision makers.

I write not only as one of your admirers but as an aboriginal son of Cross River State who has no other State but Cross River State ad infinitum.

It will be invidious of me if I don’t , at this crucial time draw the attention of the party leadership in CRS to the acclaimed consensual lineup of aspirants in CR Southern Senatorial District which earlier surfaced as a rumour but later fortified with numerous evidence to establish its altruistic status.

May I, with all amount of African respect direct these paragraphs to H.E Sen. Prof Ben Ayade.

1. Sir, in the lineup, the Governorship and Senatorial slots were willed to Odukpani at the expense of the Akamkpa/ Biase Federal Constituency. Sir, Akamkpa has two State Constituencies and not recognizing their potent strength in the compensatory analysis of CR South is repugnant to natural justice and might spell doom to the party in the general election.

2. Calabar Municipality was favoured to produce the next House of Rep member. I must commend this bravery. But, positioning a weaker candidate against the incumbent is an omen of failure. Sir, a strong candidate vested with the current dynamics of grassroot politics and favourable track records is what APC needs from the Calabar Municipality flank to silent the incumbent in 2023.

3. Sir, the placement of a Calabar South candidate to stand the House of Reps election in Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar South Federal Constituency is a sheer show of injustice and non-inclusiveness. Sir, for record purpose, Bakassi and Akpabuyo LGAs have been deprived of that slot for two decades now. The incumbent is a product of Calabar South and priming the same LGA for the HoR seat is consequentially an omen of failure.

I suggest an immediate political surgery to correct these abnormalities which if ignore might culminate into failure.

I suggest that Akamkpa/Biase Federal Constituency should have the Senate.

I suggest that a stronger candidate who is vocal and focal, who can represent and have an advertising scorecard should be considered from the Calabar Municipality flank to face the incumbent .

I suggest that either Akpabuyo or Bakassi should produce the next House of Reps member.

Though, I say bravo for the application of the pseudo-consensus ideology to produce a man like Sen. Prince Otu, but let internal democracy be the most embracing model for candidates selection.

Thank you.

Nsa Ekeng
Ewed Nwed