Bayern Munich Academy Scholarship

How To Apply For Bayern Munich Scholarship

Bayern Munich Academy Scholarship is open to enthusiast who want to go pro in football. Information on how to join Bayern Munich academy, how to get a trial, how to get a notice by the scout team and registration form are fully provided here. See how to secure Bayern Munich Academy Scholarship.

About Bayern Munich Football Club

Bayern Munich FC was formed in 1900 and since then has become Germany’s best, most stunning, and thriving football club in Germany. Almost all of Bayern’s success has come since the 1960s. Aside from its winning its first Bundesliga title in 1968–69, the Intercontinental Cup in 1976, and three consecutive European Cups (now known as the UEFA Champions League).

Overview Of Bayern Youth Academy

For most of the club’s history, the youth teams became known collectively as “The Junior Team” after being reorganized in 1995.

Bayern’s youth system has been instrumental in propelling the club above the likes of 1860 Munich and other German behemoths. The youth squad has produced a number of studs who have helped the Bavarians to dominance in Germany.

Bayern Munich Academy is focused on nurturing young players who could possibly transform into world class players. They have been responsible for producing some of the biggest talents in the world, such as Toni Kroos, David Alaba, and Bastian Schweinsteiger

Why Enroll At Bayern Munich Academy?

The goal of professionals in Bayern Football academy is “to educate the young players so that it will be possible for Bayern FC to keep its excellent records in club football in the next millennium” and its mission is to create the best youth development in club football.

Bayern Munich’s junior team has produced many players who have become stand-out talents in the Bundesliga and Germany.

Although before you get into the academy, Bayern Munich has to test you before the school will accept you and you can study free until you graduate if you are talented and determined.

How Is Bayern Munich Academy Structured?

Bayern Munich Junior Team uses a 4–3–3 formation system from the Juniors and upwards. Players from overseas are offered accommodation in a youth apartment block with 13 single rooms inside the club grounds in Säbener Strabe.

The facility arrangement of the Academy is unique from many other high-profile clubs, in that both the first team and the youth teams train at the same location.

Bayern Munich has a residence building for players who are between 15 and 18 and do not live too close to the training ground. Up to 14 youth team players can live.

It is the responsibility of a staff member to wake up and prepare breakfast in the clubhouse each morning, as well as to deal with small and large problems affecting the youth players.

There are up to eight part-time teachers available to support the youth players to compensate for the educational gaps.

Bayern Munich Club Syllabus

2 practices a week during the outdoor season (weather permitting)
8 league games in the Fall
8 league game in the Spring
Winter Indoor Training
4-day soccer camp
Goalie Training (if applicable)

Team Uniforms At Bayern Munich Academy:

Every player in the academy is responsible for purchasing the Fox Valley Bayern Club Uniform. Information on ordering uniforms will be provided when a player is accepted.

What Is The Cost Of Enrolling At Bayern Munich Soccer Schools?

It is expected that the academy fees for ages 9 and 10 will be around $575. The fee must be paid in full, before June 15th of the tryout year, or twice if possible. And a $10 supplementary payment before September 11th of the same year.

For players ranging from Under 11-to 14 and school fees are in the range of $625. And are advised to be paid before June 15th of the tryout year.

It can be paid in two installments. There is an additional $10 payment due by the 15th and the 11th of September of the tryout year.

Academy girls (fall/winter session) players are required to pay a fee of $475. with a deadline of June 15th of the tryout year, in two payment installations. including a supplementary $10 to be paid before 11th September of the same year.

High School Boys (winter/spring session) player fees can be made in one payment of $575 by November 11th of the tryout year or two payments, $287.50 due by November 11th, and the remaining $287.50 January 15th of the tryout year.

VFB Academy Program HS (winter/spring session) player fees are made in one payment of $625 by November 11th of the tryout year or in two payments, $325.00 due by November 11th and the remaining $300.00 due January 15th of the tryout year.

Bayern Munich Academy Scouts

Bayern Munich has scouts all over the world. The scouts are the most recent graduates from the academy like Thomas Hitzlsperger, Andreas O, the former captain Philipp Lahm, Holger Badstuber, Diego Contento, and Thomas Müller are all from either Munich or within a 70 km radius of the city.

To make it more easy and simple to find talented players, Bayern Munich started a program called TALENT DAY where up to 500 boys are scouted.

The Talent Days are done over Saturday and Sunday. The format used is 3 twenty-minute 5-a-side matches on reduced-sized football fields.

The scouts are looking for how well the participants “cope with the ball” “particular skill”, “excellent dribbling” and “good vision”.
An average of seven children will make it to the Bayern Munich Junior Team during Talent days. Talent Days has drawn “worldwide attention” as young talents are guaranteed to secure the Bayern Munich Academy Scholarship.

The event has drawn participants from all over Germany and other countries which including Austria, France, Italy, Egypt, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Australia.

How to Join Bayern Munich Youth Academy

Joining Bayern football academy is quite different from joining other clubs’ academies as they have several other ways to handpick their aspirants. These ways include:

  1. By joining the local teams in Bayern Munich Academy and surrounding areas
  2. taking part in the “Talent day program organized by the scouts.
  3. By joining the academy or club affiliated with Bayern Munich
  4. Performing at football Camps in Germany
  5. By playing for the FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup.

Requirements to Join Bayern Munich Academy Scholarship

You should perform the essential skills like trapping, shooting, heading, passing, running, team player, positioning, etc.

Medical report

You should present an excellent medical report. Although this could be ignored as clubs would always consider their own medical or fitness test on you.


Before you are granted entry to Germany, you must present a valid Visa obtainable at your home country’s embassy.

Although in some countries, the most challenging part for young players interested in securing contracts outside their country is related to visas.

Most especially in developing countries, obtaining Visa is not as easy as it should be. However, you should work out a plan to help you secure a visa as fast as possible.


Today, almost all football clubs prefer young players. Your age matters and you should consider working out ways that would help you accelerate your career at an early age

How to secure a Visa at your country’s embassy

  1. Research for the requirements to obtain Visa in your country
  2. Create a master plan on how to actualize it
  3. Be of good conduct and avoid practices that could deny you a chance of securing a Visa.

What players should expect during trials

  • Free for all trials for all players
  • No need for technical skills to be consistent for selection
  • There’s no obligated to win an opposing side for players grouped together
  • Play freely and express yourself

The system at FC Bayern Munich Academy

  • Age-appropriate – players are grouped according to their age (U7 to 10).
  • Players groups to play against each other (a-side football)
  • Goalkeeper Training by experienced coaches
  • Learning the basics of football
  • The player would be made to play a variety of positions.
  • Tactical implementation (final stage of development)

How coaches analyse players

Football ready – Are you focused on becoming a good footballer? Your dedication focus on your development is critical.

They are learning complex systems of play – A critical area that determines a modern-day footballer.

Final decision making ability while sticking to your skills – Tricky but good sign for a 21st-century player.

Athletic – An essential area of football

How to succeed in FC Bayern Munich Academy

  • Improving your game

To succeed at the Academy, you must improve on your game.

  • Absorbing pressure

It would help if you did not allow pressure to be more of a problem. It would help if you focused; you should focus your energy on achieving more important things.

There are players within the Academy that are good enough, but that should not stop you from

  • Ability to adapt to the system at Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has a system of play where everyone is expected to contribute to the team.

  • Technical and physical abilities on the field of play

You will be taught the technical aspects of the game, and it is your responsibility to adapt to it.

  • Performance when it matters

Your level of performance determines your success

Bayern Munich Academy cost and fees

So far, there has been no report of payment. The Academy is made accessible until players graduate to become professionals.

However, before you become part of the team, your travel, lodge, feeding, clothing and taxi fares are expected to be covered by you.

For foreigners, you’ll have to sort out issues related to Visa, permits and any other related aspects that would allow you to travel to Germany.

For FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup, the club takes care of every expense, including Visa, lodging, feeding, etc.


FC Bayern Munich Youth Academy Location, Stadium

FC Bayern Campus – Campus is a sports complex located north of Munich that serves various sporting activities, including football, basketball, handball and table tennis. It has eight football pitches for youth teams (U9 to-19), including the women’s and girls’ teams.

The Academy is located on the campus site. It also consists of 35 apartments for players outside the Greater Munich area.

Competition and Leagues

Under 17 Bundesliga, Under 19 Bundesliga, DFB Youth Cup and the UEFA Youth League.

Bayern Munich II – It is the closest to the Bayern Munich senior team.

Players across the various age groups are promoted to Bayern Munich II, the closest to becoming a professional.

Requirements to join Bayern Munich academy scholarship

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