Beware: Frank Betting Tips and Mythology Odds Telegram Channels Linked to Same Scammers!

Warning: Beware of Frank Betting Tips and Mythology Odds Telegram Channels.

Beware of the Deceptive Tactics Used by Frank Betting Tips Scammer

From our previous post this scammer scam someone of a N100,000 read. 

These are scams run by a fraudster who preys on innocent people seeking betting advice. The scammer, operating under the name Ayomide Ogunyemi, lures victims with fake screenshots and videos of alleged winning bets. They promise access to a premium group for a fee, but it’s all a trap to steal your hard-earned money.

Frank Betting Tips is a scammer don’t fall for those screen recorded videos and screenshots. There are fake. Be warn. He will scam you of your money.

The scammer employs manipulative tactics, showcasing edited screenshots and fabricated booking codes to create an illusion of success. They even offer an enticing 50% discount to new members, but this is just a ploy to swindle you out of 100k. If you fall victim to their scheme and make the payment, they will not add you to any premium group as promised.

This fraudster uses various contact details, including WhatsApp numbers 08136382105 and 07025543466.

They operate with a Polaris Bank account under the name

 Ayomide Ogunyemi, Account No. 3101061955.

It’s crucial to spread awareness about these scams to prevent more people from becoming victims.

If you’ve been a target of this scam or have encountered similar fraudulent activities, please share your experience. By exposing the scammer’s account numbers and phone numbers, we can help others avoid falling into their trap. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from these malicious schemes.


Absolutely, it’s crucial for everyone to be aware and cautious about scams like Frank Betting Tips. These scammers use all sorts of tricks, like showing fake screenshots and videos to make it seem like they’ve got a winning strategy. But in reality, they’re just out to take your money and run.

It’s heartbreaking to see people fall for these schemes, thinking they’re about to make some easy money. But the truth is, these scammers are only interested in lining their own pockets, not helping you.

So, if you ever come across anything that sounds too good to be true, like Frank Betting Tips promising guaranteed wins, take a step back and think twice. Don’t let yourself be the next victim. Stay informed, stay skeptical, and protect your hard-earned money.