Frank Betting Tips is a Scam Telegram Channel

Frank Betting Tips is a scammer don’t fall for those screen recorded videos and screenshots. There are fake. Be warn. He will scam you of your money.

Ignore any Telegram Channel that promise fixed correct scores.

Frank Betting Tips is a Scam Telegram Channel has over 38 Thousand plus Subscribes. The  scam telegram channel  is a private channel doesn’t have a permanent link but an expired link mostly begin advertise on Facebook and the claim to give fixed matches scores with most odds over 80+.

The Scammers who’s behind the telegram channel first post screenshots of  booked fixed matches games on sportybet website and thus request for those interested to chat his WhatsApp number to join his premium WhatsApp group.


Frank Betting Tips Scammer’s WhatsApp number is 08136382105 and he also operates Mythology Odds Telegram Channel with WhatsApp number 07025543466

don’t contact the above number he’s a scammer

This scammer post another set of screenshots after the games some edited screenshot of the booking games earlier posted. Showing winnings and with the booked code that could be confirm on sportybet showing the correct score game and also a video screen records of the won fixed game.

Note that this telegram channel is a scam and had scam many people with this Polaris Bank Account number with the name

Ayomide Ogunyemi (Scammer)
Account No. 3101061955
Polaris Bank


When you contact Frank Betting Tips on his WhatsApp number requesting to join his premium group he drops an already typed note such as this

“You might want to join the premium group if you are interested in our next upcoming matches, you may consider joining our premium group. We provide four sets of matches each week, exclusively focusing on correct score bets. Rest assured, our bets guarantee maximum winnings. You can as well take your time to review our previous posts in the Telegram channel as we prioritize transparency only. Please, Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding to Frank Betting Platform. If you are interested in joining the premium group, feel free to ask about the price to join the premium group.And if you don’t miss any games on my WhatsApp status, kindly save my WhatsApp contact and let me know the name to save your contact.”

100k is the cost to join our premium group currently, there is an ongoing 50% discount specifically offered to every new members who are joining us. This discount provides great value, as new members only need to pay 100k compared to the normal price of 200k for existing members. You will only have to pay 100k instead of 200k due to the ongoing 50% discount. Once you are ready to join, kindly request for the account details and ensure to send a payment proof immediately after making the payment. This will enable us to promptly add you to the premium group, where matches are openly posted.

This scam dupe one of his subscriber N100,000. And refused to add the subscriber to his scam premium group.



We will continue to upload this scammer bank account on this platform to keep people away from dealing with him.


If you have any experience of Fraud and have been scam drop a comment with the Scammer’s Account Number and Phone number to make people knowledgeable about their dealing..


Mythology Odds Telegram Channel is another Scam Telegram Channel Run by the same Scammer who owns Frank Betting Tips Telegram Channel