Chase your clout, leave Chief Mbora – DG Mbora Vanguard

Multiple taxation has been one of the maladies that is perpetually circumventing the operation of Nigerian local markets.

The above hydra-headed monster is not peculiar to Calabar Municipality nor is it peculiar to Cross River State. The porous trademark of our market locations and the insincerity of some Government officials have given rise to the uncontrollable operation of miscreants in the market environs.

Sponsoring and co-sponsoring cheap blackmails on the prestigious image of Chief Emmanuel Mbora is a symptom of defeatism. It is hilarious to say that as big as Ika Ika Oqua Market, one individual can control its tax system and determine what to pay.

The impetus behind the false alarm raised by some fictitious market women on “multiple taxation in Ika Ika Oqua” is known to us as a “sadist ploy” that draws its strength from some Political wannabes who wish to lord over the affairs of the All Progressive Congress in Calabar Municipality.

We have heard cases of our reputable security formations parading individuals that hawk fake tickets in Calabar Municipality, Calabar South, Akpabuyo and Bakassi Local Government Areas. This is to buttress the reality that any power drunk person can walk into the market and institute illegal tolls and get away with it.

Why Emma Mbora?
His travail is not far- fetched from the political tussle in Calabar Municipality. After their abortive attempts to unseat him as the Caucus Leader and Chapter Chairman of the All Progressive Congress in Calabar Municipality, they have resorted to cheap blackmails on his person.

We are glad that these cheap blackmails would not deter Chief Emmanuel Mbora from doing good and being good.

Mr. Eyam Oko
DG, Mbora Vanguard