Cross River State Assembly Urges Government Action on Nasarawa Erosion Site

The leadership of the Cross River State House of Assembly has conducted a visit to a concerning erosion site in Bacoco, Nasarawa Community, located in 8 Miles, Calabar.

The decision to visit the site was prompted by a motion put forward during a plenary session at the House of Assembly Chamber by Hon. Stanley Nsemo, the representative of Calabar Municipal State Constituency. The motion called for immediate government intervention to address the erosion site at Bacoco in Nasarawa Community.

The lawmakers unanimously adopted the resolution and urged the state government to collaborate with relevant agencies to control the erosion and repair the road.

During the session, Honorable Nsemo informed the House about the critical situation, stating, “Nasarawa, within my Constituency, is almost disconnected from the rest of the town due to gully erosion that has severely impacted the only road leading to the community.”

He further emphasized, “The recent heavy rains have exacerbated the situation, and it is crucial to implement remedial measures to prevent the complete collapse of the road.”

The lawmakers highlighted that the affected area primarily consists of a Hausa settlement where numerous commercial activities take place. They expressed concern that if the road were to collapse, it would have adverse effects on the state’s economy.

Following the plenary, the Speaker, Hon. Elvert Ayambem, along with his Deputy, Honorable Sylvester Agabi, led the members on a visit to the erosion site. During the visit, they met with community leaders and assured them of the government’s intervention.

After inspecting the erosion site, the Speaker expressed disappointment at the deteriorating condition of the road. He reiterated the urgent need to implement control measures to prevent a complete collapse of the road.

In conclusion, the Cross River State House of Assembly has taken proactive steps to address the erosion issue in Nasarawa Community, urging the government to take immediate action to mitigate the situation and ensure the stability of the road infrastructure.