Cross River State House of Assembly Deputy Speaker gets Seven Aides

The Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Honorable Elvert Ayambem, has announced the appointment of seven individuals to serve in the office of his Deputy, Honorable Sylvester Agabi. The appointments were approved with immediate effect and aim to strengthen the operations of the Deputy’s office.

In a press release signed by the Director of Legislative Matter, Edi. M, on behalf of the Clerk of the House, the names of the appointed staff members were disclosed.

Joseph Odama has been appointed as the Chief of Staff, while Anakia John Akawu assumes the role of Protocol Officer.

Agbor Mathias Ogar will serve as the Press Secretary, responsible for handling media-related matters, while Orim Daniel Asu has been appointed as the Media Liaison Officer, ensuring effective communication between the Deputy’s office and the public. Akpanke David has been assigned as a Special Assistant to support specific tasks and responsibilities.

Additionally, Adung Odey has been appointed as Personal Assistant I, providing direct assistance to the Deputy, while Ekawu Odey Sunday assumes the role of Personal Assistant II, supporting the day-to-day operations of the office.

These appointments reflect the Speaker’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Deputy’s office within the Cross River State House of Assembly. The newly appointed staff members are expected to contribute to the smooth functioning of the office and support its overall objectives.