“It’s Cheaper”: Man Converts His Car Engine From Petrol to Use Gas, Spends Less Than N2k to Fill Cylinder

  • A Nigerian man made a video to show people how his car is running on gas, and not bothered about high fuel cost.
  • The car’s tank is located under the car’s bonnet, unlike many petrol vehicles that have theirs at the back.
  • Nigerians who saw him pay less than N2,000 to fill up his tank with CNG gas asked how they could convert their engines

A Nigerian man has shown people how to run their vehicles without worrying about the high fuel cost.

Showing off his engine modified to use gas, the man took the car to a filling station to get gas. He said he would not spend more than N2000 to have a full tank.

Petrol vs Gas

The car owner, in a video, said his friend who introduced him to the conversion spent N60,000 for the engine modification.

After the car was filled, the man paid a little above N1,800. The filling was also done in less than three minutes. In another clip, the man said the gas is safe on the engine.

It should be noted that the gas in the vehicle is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and it is quite different from the popular Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Watch the video below:

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Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Phellype said:

“Make una try dey hide update from Tinubu oo.”
Jide Jimo Mokwenye said:

“So if Tinubu nor enter power we nor go get this update before???”

BB said:

“Very soon gas go expensive.”
olusolataiwo593 said:

“Good morning, please where can i convert my toyota camry 2000 model to use CNG in lagos?”
Alos27581 Engr. Toyinbo said:

“How many km will the 12m³ CNG cover?”
kelly said:

“Nigerians we be must survive any which way.”

“Please ooo I need to convert my own.”
joejoe_12 said:

“How much Is the conversion?”

Ahmds_007 said:
“But the cng needs more frequent maintenance and oil change from regular basis, but it’s a great initiative tho.”

Man converts petrol car to electric

Meanwhile,  report on a young Nigerian man, Chukwuemeka Eze, got praise from people on TikTok after he spoke about how he converted a petrol vehicle into an electric automobile.

In an interview with Luky Udu, the man said his journey of transforming petrol cars into electric started when he was an undergraduate at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.