Current NPC Training Updates: Discover Areas Where Training for Census is currently Ongoing

NPC Launches Training for 2023 Census and Intensifies Preparations

The National Population Commission (NPC) has commenced training for the highly anticipated Census of 2023, according to a recent announcement.

The Commission had already initiated training programs for select employees before the announcement of a postponement, as revealed by Eze, a representative of the NPC, during a media briefing.

Comprehensive Training Programs:
Eze explained that the training sessions are comprehensive and involve various key personnel, including Data Quality Managers, Training Center Managers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, and facilitators at the national, zonal, and state levels.

The next groups scheduled for training are the Supervisors and Enumerators. The Commission will maintain contact with its staff through online mentoring and training programs to ensure effective communication and support.

Deployment of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs):
In preparation for the Census of 2023, the Commission has procured a substantial number of Personal Digital Assistants. Around 500,000 PDAs have been distributed and set up across the 36 state offices and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Adequate arrangements have been made for storage and security to safeguard the equipment against damage and theft.

Promoting Census Awareness:
The NPC has undertaken vigorous media campaigns and intensified advocacy efforts to highlight the significance of the 2023 National Population and Housing Census. Census Publicity Committees have been established at the national, state, and local government area (LGA) levels to foster collaboration with stakeholders.

Extensive outreach, including the dissemination of publicity materials in English and regional languages and a strong social media presence, has been prioritized to raise census awareness.

The Importance of Census Data:
Eze emphasized the importance of census data, citing Section 213 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria (as amended) that mandates the NPC to conduct a census, civil registration, and demographic surveys.

He also referred to the United Nations’ recommendation for regular population and housing censuses. Expressing concern, Eze highlighted the 17-year gap since Nigeria’s last census in 2006 and stressed the significance of the upcoming census for informed decision-making and development planning.

The NPC remains committed to conducting a comprehensive and accurate census in 2023. The census will provide vital data for Nigeria’s socio-economic development, addressing the challenges posed by outdated information and unreliable estimates.

The Commission’s preparations, including training initiatives and awareness campaigns, aim to ensure a successful census that will serve as a crucial tool for Nigeria’s future development.