Digiopinion is a Scam

Digiopinion is an online Scam survey site that promises to pay you to provide reviews or contributions for improvement, about a product or service you are using or things you know very well. In a simple term, Digiopinion collects data in form of survey questions from research companies and give the data to the target audience for them to provide a relevant feedback that would help in improvement. At the end, the target audience gets paid for providing their feedback.

Digiopinion Review

There are diverse views about Digiopinion; while some hold that it is a scam, some still argue that is legit. But on average, Digiopinion has a very low trust score, which may be a sign of red flag.

A user on Trustpilot complained bitterly about Digiopinion, saying: “Digiopinion is just a mere scam. They allow you to complete a survey then they inform you the same survey has received enough responses.”

Another user said: “Digiopinion is a total scam. Everyone, please REPORT this website, these ba$tards are looting people. Digiopinion is a total scam. Fvckkkkkkkk digiopinion”

A user from India wrote “Digiopinion is scam. Digiopinion sucks. I was answering a survey and first they asked about my personal information. After that when I was attempting the survey, suddenly in middle it says that they had enough responses for the survey. This has happens always with me and I have never earned a single penny till now”

Another said: “An absolute waste of time,have done several surveys,last one was 28 minutes long.At the end of the survey,i was suddenly moved to another page and it stood something like “we have enough answers from this survey” and,of course,no money at all for me.”

In terms of reviews on Trustpilot, 26% of users gave Digiopinion 5 stars; 7% gave 4 stars; 6% gave 3 stars; 6% gave 2 stars; and 55% gave 1 star. This means that the number of users rating Digiopinion low on Trustpilot is far higher than those rating it high. Which could be an indication of red flag.

Our check on Scamadviser also reveals that Digiopinion has a trust score of 1/100, which is absolutely very low, and a sign of red flag as well.

We also checked people’s reviews on Google play store, and there was also poor rating there. On average, Digiopinion got 3.3 rating, which is a bit low.

We also noticed that many users on Google play are complaining bitterly about the platform. One of the users said: “This app is a total waste of time. Yes there are surveys but it usually leads to disqualifications. survey has been answered enough or you just randomly, get kicked from that certain survey. I have had this app for nearly a week now and it’s just rubbish. They pay so litttle for surveys that are around 25 mins. I’m not rating 1 star out of anger or what. It’s just what I have heard from friends who downloaded the app and my expeerianceas well. Unstalling. Don’t be fooled by this app.”

Is Digiopinion Legit Or Scam?

From our gatherings so far, there is indication that Digiopinion may be a scam. However, you can still make your analysis to help you decide better. Also, there may be no harm in trying out the platform, as experience may tell you better, and you stand to lose nothing on Digiopinion, except the time spent.


Digiopinion is an online survey platform that promises to pay users to provide feedback about a research question. But our gatherings show that the platform has a very low trust score, and a lot of negative comments from many users. However, there is no harm in trying it out, as you stand to lose nothing except the time spent.

Digiopinion is a Scam, Don’t waste your time thinking you will make any kind beneficial money.