DSS And NCS Fight Over Emefiele’s Custody (Video, Photo)

In a dramatic turn of events surrounding the suspended CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) have found themselves in a heated tussle over his custody. A video and photo have emerged capturing the tense standoff between the two security agencies.

The rift between the DSS and NCS occurred after Emefiele was charged to court in compliance with a court order, as reported in our previous news article. The NCS, apparently seeking to take custody of the embattled CBN chief, engaged in a fierce confrontation with the DSS, who initially held him.

As the video and photo circulated on social media, Nigerians were left in shock and disbelief over the unprecedented situation. Many questioned how the two powerful agencies could be at odds over a high-profile figure like Emefiele, who faces serious allegations.

The incident has added further intrigue to the already gripping legal saga surrounding the suspended CBN Governor. With emotions running high and tension mounting between the security agencies, the public is left wondering who will ultimately gain custody of Emefiele.

This latest development, however, has raised concerns about the smooth and fair handling of the legal proceedings.

Nigerians are anxiously awaiting more details and updates on this unfolding drama, which has the potential to impact not only Emefiele’s fate but also the credibility and reputation of the involved security agencies. As the nation watches and waits for answers, the truth behind this custody battle must come to light to ensure justice prevails.