UNICAL Publishes Names Of 638 Students Withdrawn From The Institution

In a bold move to maintain its academic standards, the University of Calabar (UNICAL) has decided to withdraw a staggering number of students—638, to be precise.

The decision comes from the students’ consistently poor academic performance, prompting the university to enforce stricter measures to uphold its reputation for academic excellence.

The news of this significant withdrawal has sent shockwaves through the campus and left students and parents alike questioning the implications of such drastic action.

According to university authorities, the withdrawal results from a careful and thorough evaluation of each student’s academic progress.

Students who failed to meet the required academic criteria have been asked to discontinue their studies at UNICAL.

As the news of the withdrawal spreads across the university community and beyond, it is clear that UNICAL is determined to set a higher standard for academic performance.

This move sends a strong message to all students about the importance of taking their studies seriously and committing to their educational goals.

See the full list below.

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