Four Exercises To Avoid When Dealing With Hypertension

Exercises people suffering from high blood pressure must avoid

High blood pressure or hypertension is a lifestyle disorder that can put you at risk of severe illnesses if left without diagnosis or treatment for a long time. Those dealing with hypertension need to pay attention to their pressure levels all day long and avoid any unturned event that can suddenly shoot the levels, putting them at the risk of stroke and heart attack. An intense workout can quickly raise the blood pressure level.

​Benefits of exercising when suffering from high blood pressure

Daily exercising has many health benefits, even for those suffering from hypertension. Performing simple exercises like brisk walking, jogging, yoga can help to reduce the stress level and also lower blood pressure levels. But some activities can spike your blood pressure level instantly, leading to dizziness and breathlessness. It is recommended to all those who have a blood pressure reading of 180/100mmHg or more, seek medical advice from their doctor before beginning any new exercise regime. Here are some exercises they must be careful about.

​Weight lifting

Strength training can help to strengthen bones and reduce the risk of bone-related injuries. For hypertension patients, lifting weight can help to manage the blood pressure level and reduce the risk of severe illnesses, only if performed in limitation. A rigorous workout can raise your pressure level to a dangerous level.


Jogging, moderate running, cycling all are recommended activities for patients dealing with high blood pressure. But sprinting is not a good choice. Sprniting is also a high impact and extreme activity that can spike your blood pressure level instantly.

​Scuba diving

Having high blood pressure puts you at increased risk of a spike in the level while diving. It can increase the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke, both of which could be fatal underwater. Before trying this water sports, consult your doctor and get through check-ups to avoid any unpleasant events.


High blood pressure can interfere with pre-flight anxiety and oxygen changes during skydiving. It is an extreme sport and can lead to a sudden spike in the blood pressure level. Sports like these may not be good for your health. Talk to your doctor before trying anything like this.


Squash is an intense exercise that requires you to run and move quickly. Performing such exercises while having hypertension can quickly spike your blood pressure level and put you at risk of a heart attack. Bowling, golfing and table tennis are better options.