Latest Npower News on January to May Stipend Payments Today 26th June 2023

NPower Stipend Payment Update Today 24th June 2023:

NASIMS, the National Social Investment Management System, has denied the rumors circulating on social media that the payment of Npower stipends has been suspended due to a change in administration.

A message titled “SUSPENSION IN PAYMENT OF STIPENDS” has been circulating, causing mischief and stating the following:

“Dear N-Power Batch C (Streams 1 And 2) Beneficiaries, We have received thousands of messages in the past few weeks regarding the suspension in payment of outstanding stipends. We acknowledge your grievances, that you are being owed for the months of December to May.

“We wish to inform you that there was a change in the administration, which partially affected the program. However, there are plans to continue with the payment process, in the new administration’s budget.

“We hereby restate our commitment to this program, and we reassure you that every beneficiary will be settled in due time. We urge you to remain patient, while we put things in order. Apologies for the inconveniences. Thanks”

However, NASIMS has categorically dismissed this rumor as false and has affirmed that the payment of outstanding stipends, which was recently restarted, is currently ongoing.

According to NASIMS, “Payment of Batch C2 October, November, and December stipends has been initiated and is still ongoing. There may be occasional challenges with the bank network, so we kindly ask for your patience while waiting for the payment to be processed.”

It should be noted that NASIMS began another round of stipend payments to Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, including the newly engaged Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, on Tuesday. This initiative aims to ensure that all beneficiaries are paid in full and brought up to date, addressing payment challenges and preventing further backlogs or outstanding payments.

However, NASIMS clarified that the outstanding stipends for Batch C1 from September, October, and November have not been restarted yet.

NASIMS explained that after the October, November, and December stipends are paid to Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, including the newly engaged 200,000 Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, the outstanding stipends for Batch C1 will be restarted.

The management of Npower emphasized that their main priority is to ensure that all Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries are paid in full before the end of June 2023.