FRSC Ranks and Salary Structure 2023

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is a government agency in Nigeria charged with the responsibility of road safety administration. The FRSC is responsible for ensuring the safety of motorists and other road users on Nigerian highways. However, it is common for people to question if the salaries earned by the FRSC officers commensurate with the huge task they have to handle.

This article provides a breakdown of the salary structure of FRSC officers in relation to their specific job roles. The salaries provided are basic net annual salaries, which means that they are arrived at after all necessary annual deductions have been made.

FRSC Ranks and New Salary Structure 2023

According to the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS),

  1. Chief Inspector (CI) in the FRSC earns a basic annual salary of ₦1,405,449
  2. Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) – ₦1,325,234, 3. Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) – ₦1,252,038
  3. Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) – ₦1,143,539
  4. Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) – ₦1,058,416
  5. Marshal Inspector I (MI-I) – ₦777,876
  6. Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) – ₦548,387
  7. Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) – ₦393,442
  8. Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) – ₦966,761
  9. Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) – ₦539,048
  10. Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) – ₦387,428
  11. Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) – ₦349,589
  12. Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) – ₦319,741
  13. Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III) – ₦305,576.

It is important to note that the above salaries are basic salaries exclusive of any benefit package. FRSC officers also enjoy staff welfare benefits such as healthcare, housing, cooperative society, and special marshals welfare. The FRSC provides medical care and facilities to road accident victims and staff members through a network of roadside and zonal clinics. The FRSC also provides housing benefits for staff members through the FRSC housing cooperative scheme.

Furthermore, the FRSC has a cooperative society that helps members access loans, savings, and buy goods at a subsidized rate from trusted customers. Special marshals are also covered by an insurance policy in case of death through road traffic accident, and they are also protected by an immunity provision in the Act.

The salary structure of FRSC officers is calculated based on their ranks, just like other government agencies in Nigeria. The salaries earned by FRSC officers are decent and commensurate with their job roles. Additionally, the staff welfare benefits provided by the FRSC, such as healthcare, housing, cooperative society, and special marshals welfare, serve as additional incentives for officers to perform their duties effectively.