NPower Latest News as of 29th June 2023

NPower Releases Fresh Statement Regarding Disbursement of Stipends

Abuja, FCT  –  The Nigerian federal government, in collaboration with the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), issued a noteworthy declaration on Monday, June 19, concerning the allocation of funds to beneficiaries of N-Power batch C.

NASIMS acknowledged that the disbursements are presently awaiting approval but provided reassurance to the beneficiaries that once approval is obtained, the payments will be promptly initiated. NASIMS conveyed this update through an official statement shared on their Facebook page, specifically addressing the Npower C beneficiaries.

“The payments are pending approval. Once approved, the payments will be initiated without any further delay. Thank you.”

NASIMS functions as the central management platform responsible for the administration and coordination of various Social Investment Programmes (SIPs) implemented by the government. Among these initiatives, the N-Power scheme has gained substantial recognition.”

NPower Begins Disbursing Overdue Stipend Payments

Batch C Beneficiaries Finally Receive Pending Payments

Encouraging news has emerged regarding the disbursement of overdue stipend payments for NPower participants, specifically those in Batch C.

Beneficiaries in this batch have recently been relieved and delighted as they finally received their long-awaited backlog payments. After successfully verifying their accounts, these beneficiaries can now rejoice in receiving the stipends owed to them for the months of October, November, and December.

This development brings immense relief and joy to the recipients who have patiently awaited the disbursement of their outstanding stipends. By proactively validating their accounts, these beneficiaries have paved the way for a seamless processing and release of their overdue payments.

NASIMS Addresses Concerns Over Delayed NPower Stipend Payments

NASIMS, the governing body responsible for NPower, has provided clarification regarding the concerns surrounding delayed stipend payments for Batch C beneficiaries.

They have acknowledged that the approval for the new payment is still pending. The approved payments are intended to settle the backlog of unpaid stipends owed to beneficiaries from 2022.

NASIMS has reassured the beneficiaries that as soon as the new payment receives approval, it will be promptly initiated. In 2023, NPower Batch C beneficiaries are owed stipends for a period of five months.

Currently, NPower is in the process of enrolling additional preselected applicants by inviting them to validate their accounts, making them eligible to become beneficiaries.

The payment processing for NPower beneficiaries who have successfully validated their accounts through the validation link is underway, and an increasing number of beneficiaries have confirmed receiving their backlog payments today.

NASIMS Announces Upcoming Stipend Payments and Urges Validation

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has made an announcement regarding the upcoming round of stipend payments. NASIMS states that these payments will commence within the next week or the week following that.

The dedicated technical team responsible for the payments is working diligently to ensure that all pending stipends are disbursed before the end of June 2023.

NASIMS advises beneficiaries, especially the new Batch C2 beneficiaries, to validate their information through the Npower Validation Link at before the payment process begins. It is crucial for beneficiaries to complete this validation in order to receive their stipend payments.