NYCN Odukpani Congratulates Commissioner Barr. Ededem Ani Esq on State’s Top Legal Role

NYCN Odukpani chapter Congratulates Commissioner Ededem Ani’s Appointment as Cross River State’s Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General

The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Odukpani chapter raises its collective voice in jubilation and admiration as they extend hearty congratulations to Ededem Ani Esq., who has assumed the esteemed position of Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General for Cross River State. In a laudatory message that resounds with hope and gratitude, the youth leadership underscores the profound impact of this appointment and the transformative potential it holds.

Ededem Ani Esq.’s appointment as Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General has garnered unanimous acclaim from the dynamic and forward-thinking youth community of Odukpani Local Government Area. The youth leadership, known for their unwavering commitment to progress and community development, applauds the selection of Ededem Ani Esq. as a paragon of dedication and integrity in the legal realm.

The youth leaders of Odukpani emphasize that the appointment is a testament to Ededem Ani Esq.’s exceptional legal prowess, stellar reputation, and steadfast dedication to justice. They highlight his extensive knowledge of the law and his profound understanding of legal intricacies as attributes that promise to usher in a new era of legal discourse in Cross River State.

In a resounding expression of appreciation, the youth community extends heartfelt gratitude to His Excellency, Governor Senator (Prince) Bassey Edet Otu, for his thoughtful decision in entrusting Ededem Ani Esq. with the pivotal role of overseeing justice and legal affairs. The youth leadership believes that this appointment reflects the government’s commitment to a just and equitable legal system that serves the best interests of the people.

The youth of Odukpani are brimming with anticipation as they envision a future where justice and societal progress are intrinsically linked. With unity and enthusiasm, the youth leaders extend a hand of collaboration to Commissioner Ededem Ani, recognizing the importance of engaging with young minds and valuing their aspirations. Their message resonates with a shared commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and a legal system deeply connected to the pulse of the community.

Signed by Comrade Bassey William, Chairman of NYCN Odukpani chapter, Comrade Akiba Akiba, General Secretary, and Comrade Lawrence Eyet, Public Relations Officer, the letter radiates a collective spirit of optimism and support. The youth of Odukpani Local Government Area stand united in their excitement for the transformative journey that Commissioner Ededem Ani’s tenure promises to bring to the legal landscape of Cross River State.

As NYCN Odukpani chapter extends warm congratulations, they eagerly anticipate the positive impact that Commissioner Ededem Ani Esq.’s leadership is poised to make, inspiring a brighter and more just future for Cross River State.