University of Calabar Suspends Dean of Law, Prof. Cyril Ndifon Over Violation of Institution’s Laws

The University of Calabar has announced the suspension of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Cyril Ndifon, for alleged violations of the institution’s laws and policies. The decision, which was conveyed through a letter signed by the University Registrar, Mr. Gabriel Egbe, will take effect from August 17, 2023.

According to the letter, the suspension follows the Dean’s unsatisfactory response to a previous query issued by the University Management. Dissatisfied with his explanations, the Vice-Chancellor has relieved Prof. Ndifon of his position and placed him on suspension, pending a formal investigation into the allegations.

The University Registrar’s letter states, “The Vice-Chancellor has reviewed your written representations and is not satisfied with your explanations. She has therefore directed that you should be relieved of your position as Dean, Faculty of Law, and placed on suspension while the matter is referred to a panel that will be set up to investigate these allegations.”

As per the letter, the suspension effectively removes Prof. Ndifon from his role as Dean of the Faculty of Law, and he is required to hand over all university property and official responsibilities currently under his care to the Sub-Dean before vacating the office. He is also instructed to refrain from accessing the university premises unless summoned by the investigating panel.

The University of Calabar, known for its commitment to upholding standards and ensuring compliance with its regulations, is taking this matter seriously. The suspension serves as an immediate measure to facilitate a fair and impartial investigation into the alleged violations.

The university’s decision reflects its steadfast commitment to upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, and integrity. By referring the matter to an investigative panel, the institution aims to ensure due process and provide a platform for all parties involved to present their case.

Prof. Ndifon’s suspension has stirred discussions within the university community. Many students and faculty members are eager to see the outcome of the investigation. The University of Calabar has assured stakeholders that the process will be fair, transparent, and conducted in line with the principles of justice.

It is essential to note that while the allegations against Prof. Ndifon remain undisclosed in the university’s official statement, the seriousness of the matter necessitates a thorough investigation. The University of Calabar remains committed to maintaining its reputation as a centre of academic excellence and insists on holding its staff accountable for upholding the integrity of the institution.

The suspended Dean, Prof. Cyril Ndifon, has refrained from making any public statements regarding the allegations or his suspension. However, it is expected that he will collaborate fully with the investigative panel to ensure a comprehensive examination of the matter.

As the investigation unfolds, students and faculty members look forward to closure on this matter, which has cast a shadow over the Faculty of Law. The University of Calabar will undoubtedly take all necessary steps to ensure justice is served, and the institution remains true to its core values.

In the interest of transparency and fairness, the university will communicate any updates regarding the investigation in due course.

The University of Calabar’s Public Relations Unit will continue to provide information and address inquiries as the process unfolds.