‘Play Ball’ Or We Join NLC Strike — ASUU Tells FG As 81 Universities May Shut Down

ASUU Announces Compliance with NLC Nationwide Strike as Tensions Rise

In a significant development, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has declared its intention to align with the nationwide strike action called by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), set to commence on August 6. This decision comes as a response to a series of pressing issues that have left the nation’s labor force deeply concerned.

The NLC’s two-day warning strike is slated to address critical matters, including the removal of fuel subsidies, the devaluation of the naira, and alleged threats against workers’ properties by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike. These issues have ignited a nationwide debate on the economic well-being and job security of Nigerian workers.

ASUU, a prominent union representing academic staff in universities across Nigeria, has pledged its solidarity with the NLC’s call for action. ASUU President Osedeke Emmanuel confirmed this alignment and emphasized that the fate of the strike hinges on the government’s response to these pressing issues.

“We are members of NLC, affiliates, therefore if they declare a strike, our members will be part of it,” stated Emmanuel. He further emphasized that the responsibility to avert the strike now rests with the government. “The ball is in the government’s hands; let them solve the problem, and then there won’t be a strike. If NLC decides to go on strike, as an affiliate, we don’t have any option but to comply,” he added.

This declaration has raised concerns about the potential impact on the education sector, as approximately 81 universities, including 43 federal universities and 38 state universities, fall under the ASUU’s purview. A nationwide strike of this magnitude could disrupt academic activities and further exacerbate the challenges facing Nigeria’s education system.

As the clock ticks down to the strike’s commencement, the nation’s attention is focused on the government’s response to these pressing concerns. The outcome of this showdown will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for Nigeria’s workforce, the economy, and its educational institutions. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding situation.