Stores Assistant at Humanity Without Borders Empowerment Initiative (HUWIB)

Humanity Without Borders Empowerment Initiative (HUWIB)

Humanity Without Borders Empowerment Initiative (HUWIB) is a people-centered, progressive, and result-driven initiative based on the concept of humanity first. Its central objective is to support the growth, development, and economic empowerment of urban/rural women, young people, children, the elderly, and People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs). The key focus is on the vulnerable, to enable them to achieve sustainable livelihood. To achieve the implementation of its various program activities, the organization hereby invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacant positions:

Stores Assistant

About the Position:

HUWIB is currently seeking a dedicated and organized Stores Assistant to join our team. As the Stores Assistant, you will play a crucial role in managing and maintaining the organization’s inventory and stock.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Receive and inspect incoming stock, ensuring its accuracy and quality.
  • Record all stock items in the inventory database and maintain up-to-date stock records.
  • Monitor stock levels and initiate timely replenishment orders to avoid stockouts.
  • Coordinate with Procurement Officer for stock procurement and delivery.
  • Arrange stock in an orderly manner within the storeroom for easy retrieval.
  • Perform regular stock audits and reconcile physical stock with records.
  • Assist in conducting periodic stock counts and participating in stocktaking activities.
  • Identify and report any stock discrepancies, damages, or loss to the Admin Officer.
  • Ensure proper storage conditions to maintain the quality and integrity of stock items.
  • Assist in issuing stock to authorized personnel and maintaining accurate documentation.
  • Keep the storeroom clean, organized, and hazard-free.
  • Follow proper safety protocols and guidelines while handling stock items.

Position Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Senior Secondary Certificate (SSCE) or equivalent; a diploma or degree in relevant fields is advantageous.
  • Proven experience in inventory management, stock control, or a related role.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy in recording and handling stock items.
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to maintain an organized storeroom.
  • Basic computer skills and familiarity with inventory management software.
  • Physical fitness and ability to lift and move heavy stock items.
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • At least 2 years experience in a similar role.

Application Process:

Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications and covering letters stating the positions, including a detailed CV with at least two (2) references, should be sent via email to:

The Special Adviser,
Programs, Projects & Events,
Office of Wife of Governor, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
[email protected]