Medical Student at the University of Calabar Allegedly Assaults and Bites Lecturer

Medical Student at the University of Calabar Allegedly Assaults and Bites Lecturer

Miss Umoren Nsisong, a 400-level student in the faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Calabar, has been accused of assaulting and biting her lecturer on Monday, June 26, 2023.

According to the lecturer, Mr. David Ushie, the incident occurred during his lecture when two students were causing a disturbance with their phones. After warning them, he confiscated their phones and instructed them to retrieve them from the Dean or the Vice-Chancellor the following day.

While still in the faculty building at UNICAL, Miss Umoren allegedly forcefully reached into Mr. Ushie’s pocket to retrieve her seized phone. When he resisted her attempts to take the phones from his hands, she was reportedly restrained by her colleagues before finally releasing her grip on the phones.

Following this incident, Mr. Ushie secured the phones in the pigeonhole of his vehicle. However, Miss Umoren allegedly forcefully opened the door and pigeonhole, recovering her phone along with some unidentified items. Mr. Ushie attempted to prevent her from leaving with the items but was bitten by Miss Umoren, who then fled the scene, leaving other students in disbelief.

Mr. Ushie expressed concern over the incident, stating that he had never met or known Umoren Nsisong prior to that day. He emphasized that a student who resorts to assaulting or biting her teacher poses a risk in a professional healthcare environment, where patient safety is paramount.

Additionally, the news of the alleged assault and biting incident involving Miss Umoren Nsisong and her lecturer at the University of Calabar sparked a significant reaction on social media platforms.

Many social media users expressed shock and disappointment at the reported behavior of the student towards her teacher. The incident ignited discussions on the importance of respect and professionalism within educational institutions, particularly in the field of medicine where patient care and safety are critical.

Some users condemned the actions of Miss Umoren, highlighting the potential implications her behavior could have on her future career as a medical professional. They emphasized the need for disciplinary measures to be taken by the university to address the incident.

Conversely, there were a few individuals who questioned the credibility of the report and sought further evidence before passing judgment. They called for a thorough investigation to establish the facts surrounding the incident.

Overall, the news generated a significant amount of attention on social media platforms, with users sharing their opinions, concerns, and perspectives on the incident. The incident served as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a respectful and professional environment within educational institutions and raised broader discussions on student-teacher dynamics in academia.

This information was sourced from Source: Prince, Samuel Emenike (Mr. Noble)